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239-275-IDEA (4332) or EMAIL.

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Edison Inventors Association, Inc.

PO Box 60972

Fort Myers, FL  33906

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The Edison Inventors Club was co-founded by Bernie Cousino and Phil Amico in 1992.  The Club is now Edison Inventors Association, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization and its goal to serve the inventor community by providing educational and networking opportunities and an inventor’s newsletter published once per month.

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EIA Member Benefits:

  • Join us for monthly educational EIA meetings with networking opportunities with other inventors and professionals in the field for bring your idea to market.
  • Our meetings are both entertaining and informative and attract inventors of all ages who join us from the entire SW Florida area.


  • Enjoy our informative monthly EIA Newsletters that keep you updated on the activities of EIA as well as offering you ongoing tips and ideas related to the invention process.
  • Learn about opportunities for EIA Grants and Awards
  • EIA offers to post our member’s links on our website.
  • Hear ongoing stories from other members about the progress of their own inventions so you can follow in their footsteps.
  • You will be able to make friends with other inventors and be part of the inventor’s community in SW Florida
  • Come to our monthly meetings and learn about copyrights, patent law, trademarking and licensing as well as other vital tools related to bringing a new idea to market and making money from your ideas
  • By joining us at monthly meetings, you’ll be able to participate in valuable networking opportunities. Learn from experienced product developers and discover techniques for saving time and money. Hear from patent attorneys and other professionals in the various areas of product development and marketing industries.
  • Participate in meetings and become confident by learning to present your idea and receive valuable feedback from other inventors.
  • Share your expertise and even help judge your peers as well as student inventors!
  • Learn about opportunities for submitting your idea for invention contests, open innovation to companies looking for inventions and more.

To pay via PayPal, choose an option below (your membership information will be filled out after purchase):

  1. New Individual Membership: $60.00 (includes spouse). If you are an inventor, your name(s), invention(s) and a link to one website will be posted on the EIA website.
  2.  Family Membership: $75.00.  If you or your family members are inventors, your name(s), invention(s) and a link to one website will be posted on the EIA website.
  3.  Sponsor Membership: $100.00 (includes name/company/contact information in one banner ad with a link to one website).
  4.  Business Membership: $125.00 (includes name/company in one banner ad and listed on EIA website. If you or your company are joining as a Service Provider, your company, description of services and all contact information – phone number and one website – will be listed on EIA’s website as well as in all monthly EIA newsletters).

Online Registration will be available soon


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  1. Barry Chapman

    How do I find the members directory to look up Cad drawing and 3D?

    1. admin

      Here is a list of Service Providers within EIA.

      DISCLAIMER: EIA does not endorse or approve any service provider listed in this, or any EIA publication. This list is provided as a service to our members and as a courtesy for our service providers. All contracts and service agreements are between the members and the service providers exclusively. This list is for information and educational purposes only. The Edison Inventors Association, Inc. shall be held harmless shall any dispute arise between a member and a service provider.

      In alphabetical order by last name:

      Jeffrey Abbott – Kinetic Thoughts Software Integration – (513) 295-2470
      Wojciech Beldycki – Duracon Prototypes, Precision Machining (941) 486-0565
      James Cardle – Cardle Patent Law -Patent Attorney – (239) 240-5969
      Helmuth Geiser – Prototypes, Mold Making and 2 AND 3D Drawings – 239-220-1501
      Tom Kershaw – Inventor in Paradise – Inventors Services – (239) 542-1274
      Edward Livingston – The Livingston Firm – Patent Attorney – (239) 262-8502
      Bryan Loeffler – The Livingston Firm – Patent Attorney – (239) 262-8502
      Bill McHenry – Entrepreneur Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing(847) 462-8938 –
      Dan Regelski – Small Business Development Center – Director, SBDC (239) 225-4220
      Ron Sargent – Ideation Institute – Mechanical Engineer, CAD Design (239) 209-5070
      Werner Schroeder – Patent Agent – (239) 592-5843
      Catherine Solich – Sundown Products – Inventors Services – (239) 574-4219
      George F. Wallace, Patent Attorney 239.945.1001
      Tom Whiteside – Mind’s Eye Graphics – 3-D CAD Design – (239) 560-3700

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